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Code of Ethics

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The most important component of your Heating, Cooling and Ventilation System IS THE PROFESSIONAL YOU CHOOSE.

Just as it is important to get the correct advice from your Doctor, Solicitor, Accountant or Engineer, so it is that you should deal with a qualified, licensed and ethical contractor who can provide you with all of the right ingredients for your environmental requirements.

Every building is different and there are no "off the shelf" solutions for the vast range of applications.

Whatever your needs, domestic, commercial or industrial then you should seek the advice of a member of the HEATING & COOLING ALLIANCE of AUSTRALIA (HCAA).

Members of the HCAA are specialists who have agreed to work to industry standards and abide by a code of ethics. These standards are your assurance of a professional approach to every phase of your job, whatever the size.

All members are also members of The Master Plumbers' & Mechanical Services Association of Australia which is the umbrella association for all segments of the plumbing industry.

Members of the Alliance are strongly supported by its' affiliates that consist of Manufacturers, Engineers and Consultants who contribute substantially with their expertise.

 The Alliance is committed to having its members only employ staff:

  • who are trained and qualified
  • able to design, install, carry out electrical control wiring, refrigeration pipe-work and service your equipment
  • that only use components in your system that comply with the relevant standards.

The Alliance's ongoing training and professional development program encourages members to maintain their knowledge and keep abreast of 
technology both from a technical viewpoint and from a business perspective. This assists members to be to remain viable so that they can continue to serve you, the most important person, "the customer"

So if you want the right advice, prompt professional attention, quality workmanship, ethical business dealings, continued after sales service, then you should only use a HCAA member. 



The plumbing industry in all states/territories is regulated in differing ways by Government legislation.
This Code of Ethics has been prepared to augment the minimum standards of such regulation.
The Code of Ethics has been prepared in liaison with the Australian Competition Consumer Commission and the Office of Fair Trading & Business Affairs Victoria and meets the standards required for establishing such a code.
This Code of Ethics is also based on the rules of the Master Plumbers, registered under the Workplace Relations Act 1996. The Administration and Enforcement of this Code of Ethics lies with the Executive Board of the Master Plumbers in accordance with those rules.
This Code of Ethics is a "living document" and is subject to review from time to time.

The objective of this Code is to promote higher standards of honesty and fairness in trading than is required by legislation.

Members shall adopt the highest professional standing by:
Preparing and abiding by written quotations and delivering a timely and efficient service
Supplying relevant product information to consumers
Guaranteeing all work
Offering on-going service
Providing all parties with information regarding their rights and obligations
Encouraging a spirit of co-operation with fellow members to develop and maintain standards and best practice.

Members shall use only qualified personnel, industry accepted products and workmanship.

Complaints and Disputes procedure
Members shall comply with the Alliance's consumer complaints and member disputes procedures.

Members shall comply with the Code, all rules of membership and statutes that govern the  
Industry and recognize that a breach may result in a penalty ranging from censure to expulsion.


Complaints Procedure

  1. Customers with a complaint against a member must lodge their complaint in writing with the Secretary who will acknowledge receipt of the complaint and advise the customer of the procedure for handling the complaint.
  2. If an inspection is required, the customer must lodge any outstanding or dispute moneys into a trust account which will be held by the Association while the dispute is being investigated. Trust moneys cannot be released without the customer's consent.
  3. The Secretary shall keep a register of complaints in which shall be recorded the names and addresses of customers lodging complaints and the members concerned and details of action taken.
  4. The Executive Committee will be advised of all written complaints received and of those in progress. No complaints shall be discussed by the Executive Committee unless it is in writing from the customer.
  5. The member concerned shall be advised immediately a complaint is received and be given within fourteen days to satisfy the complaint.
  6. If the complaint is not satisfied within fourteen days the complaint will be put before the Executive Committee which may decide to arbitrate.
  7. If an inspection is required, two members of the Executive Committee shall attend and prepare an inspection report to be put to the next Executive Committee meeting for decision.
  8. The Executive Committee members inspecting the complaint must not enter into discussion with the customer as to the merits of the work performed other than to ascertain the facts of the complaint.
  9. Written advice of the decision of the Executive Committee shall be sent to the member and the customer.
  10. An extraordinary Executive Committee meeting may be called if a complaint requires urgent attention.
  11. Failure by the member to comply with the decision of the Executive Committee shall result in the consideration of suspension or termination of membership of the member concerned.
  12. The member shall have the right to appeal against the suspension or termination of membership.
  13. No member shall in any way coerce a customer into making a complaint but may advise customers of the complaints procedure of the Association.



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